TacSteel is a relatively new company as this is written. However, we have more than 25 years combined experience from both priority police and military units – and competition shooting as well.
Building a good quality steel target requires extensive knowledge, not only technical, but also practical experience to ensure effective and safe training.
Our target systems (strike face) are built from first quality 500 Brinell Swedish steel. The same or better materials that are used by the established systems on the market. In addition, we have taken a critical look at the current, popular designs and fixed, what we think could be improved:

  • Better sound signature on static targets (important for shooting at longer distances)
  • Improved safety features (for those who do not have access to frangible ammunition)
  • Improved logistics with regards to spare parts (same target can be used in several systems)
  • Better longevity due to improved design and very little (if any) welding in critical areas

Manufacturing process is performed by certified professionals and is of the highest quality.
Our systems are built in Europe, which greatly reduces cost with regards to transportation.
More importantly, we stand behind the quality of our product and we are easy to reach if assistance is required. Spare parts can be shipped on short notice and any issues can and will be handled immediately.
Our company is still growing and we are planning to add new designs in the near future. Please feel free to forward requests for new designs or even just a requirement for a specific purpose and we’ll do our best to come up with an effective solution
In addition, very flexible and able to handle individual orders as well as larger shooting range projects.