Dueling Tree 6

Dueling Tree 6 is one of the most fun and challenging steel targets available. Dueling Tree features six targets, 152 mm diameter plates mounted to a center post which is 1,520 mm. high. Total weight 45kg. The post is connected to the base, dimensions of which are 460×860 mm, by screws. The plate flips from side to side when hit.
There are four or six plate combinations. The angled post is made of solid 7 mm thickness steel. The plates are made of 500 Brinell hardness armor steel for especially long life and excellent impact resistance; therefore, it can be used with most rifle calibers with ammunition below 1000 m/s.
Minimum range is 10 meters for handgun and 100 meters for rifle use.
The same flipping system is used in Dueling Tree and Sniper targets. Therefore, failure or loss can be used from other target systems.


For rifle use, important to order a rifle grade shield