Hostage target


Hostage target are made of 10 mm 500 Brinell hardness armor steel and are designed to create hostage scenario. The swinging plate simulates the bad guy in a hostage situation and moves from side to side when hit. The plate is connected to a turning system with two screws that enable easy change to another dimension plate. It is also possible to make and connect any kinds or forms of plate (human head silhouette, etc.).
The same flipping system is used in Dueling Tree and Sniper targets. Therefore, failure or loss can be used from other target systems.
A hostage target consists of three components: system, tube post and tube base. The post telescopes on to the top of the base and on to a tube mounted on the back of the target.

  • The torso and plate are made of armor 500 Brinell hardness steel
  • Torso dimensions:
    • Width: head – 152 mm, body – 330 mm.
    • Height: 624 mm.
  • Plate – 152 mm.
  • Weight – 32 kg
  • Stand height (standard) – 910 mm.
  • The base can be equipped with welded mounts for wooden sticks (easy to use on rocky areas, no need to hammer in sticks) to connect paper targets or without them.
  • Base dimensions:
    • 600×450 mm
    • Dimensions of holes for standard sticks 50×25 mm (another diameter can be produced according to order)