Torso BC zone tactical target system

torso-bc-zone-tactical-target-system-jpgTorso BC zone tactical target system – this is one of the most popular targets for law enforcement and military units. It comes with a solid 10 mm thickness steel post and tube base. The target hangs at 30 angle to deflect rounds downwards. This target is designed specifically as a close range rifle target. The targets are made of 10 mm thick armor 500 Brinell hardness steel.

  • Weight – 27 kg
  • 10 mm thick
  • Torso dimensions:
    • Width: head – 150 mm, body – 300 mm
    • Height: 600 mm
    • 10mm thick
  • 500 Brinell hardness steel
  • Handgun shooting distance – min 10 meters
  • Rifle Shooting Distance – 50 meters using ammunition below 1000 m/s
  • Stand height – max. 1,530 mm (according to order)
  • The base can be equipped with welded mounts for wooden sticks (easy to use on rocky areas, no need to hammer in sticks) to connect paper targets or without them.
  • Base dimensions:
    • 600×450 mm
    • Dimensions of holes for standard sticks 50×25 mm (another diameter can be produced according to order)