IPSC Sniper Target


ipsc-sniper-targetIPSC Sniper Target – this is one more of our targets for precise shooting. IPSCs are made of 10 mm 500 Brinell hardness armor steel. The target is designed specifically for sniper shooting. The targets have two zones: eyes-nose zone and heart zone. Eye area is 87×25 mm, nose area – 43×32 mm. Heart area is a 126 mm diameter circle.
Behind the target there are two flippers made of armor 500 Brinell hardness steel which stay clearly open at final position after the hit. To close, it you don’t need to walk to the target; you need one shot at each to close it.
The top flipper is single and non-destructive. The lower one is destructive and can be used on any other of our reaction target systems (Hostage, Dueling tree)
An IPSC Sniper target consists of three components: system, tube post and tube base. The post telescopes onto the top of the base and onto a tube mounted on the back of the target. So it is easy to transport and to load it to the car.
IPSC Sniper target dimensions:

  • Width: head – 190 mm, body – 450 mm
  • Height: 660 mm
  • Weight: 40 kg
  • Tube post height (standard) – 910 mm
  • Tube base (standard) – 600×450 mm